This book attracts gay readers all over the world because Dorian

You cannot hide your sins, Dorian. Maybe Dorian is looking for beauty and freedom in all the wrong places. I've seen a lot of 5-star reviews for this story, but I just can't match that level of enthusiasm. Other editions.

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He manages to get in his car and the man starts taking him to Vancouver. Oscar Wilde was at least bisexual and being Irish and not of noble extract, his gay adventure with the son of an English Lord cost him several years in the prison of Reading.

The aristocracy that is at the top of society does not hide a shadow that is at their level but hides an ugliness that is necessarily deep under that aristocratic top surface. The other young man is in football and by his father is expected to get into West Point. Mais plus encore c'est de déséquilibrer tous les réglages naturels de l'espèce et de provoquer une catastrophe génétique imprévisible car on ne peut pas savoir ce qui descendra d'un être humain transgénique.

He repeats what the other elder associated to him says without understanding he is in many ways ruthlessly bruising the feelings of others.

This book attracts gay readers all over the world because Dorian
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