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  • Palmer, 4 In the present study, the type of phrasal verbs to which we refer will belong to the first and non-idiomatic type mentioned by Palmer, and can take one of four forms described by him, namely: 5 1. It is this preference, in French, for a more implicit, and more abstract, mode of expression that explains why the reader is left to fill in logical gaps in a given context.
  • However, the surprising, strange resonances suggesting snakes behind slither are lost in the French.
  • Here the manner in the verb is followed, as is common in English, by a prepositional syntagm indicating direction and result. PN, 55 4.
  • PN, 49 52 The ladling and slanting aspects are lost, unlike in the other translations of the same sentences see examples 6 and 7.
  • Présentation Direction et comités Politique éditoriale et conseils aux auteurs Actualités Sélection de liens Informations À propos Crédits Politiques de publication. While my aunt was ladling out my stirabout Dub , 16 Pendant que ma tante me versait mon manger PN, 17
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these gays have already done some of the heavy lifting

We are thus disappointed to find this extra meaning lost in French: The choice of sembler also provides the text with two infinitives rather than heavier conjugated forms, and thus contributes, by compensation, to the flow of the original. The gamut of possibilities between the two extremes leaves room for other, more or less ingenious, translations.

Accès membres Login Mot de passe Se connecter Annuler. Palmer, in A Linguistic Study of the English Verb , devotes a chapter to the problem of classification of phrasal and prepositional verbs, where he writes:.

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These gays have already done some of the heavy lifting
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